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Four E's USA (A Four E's Scientific Company)

4E's USA Electric Handpiece System with LED Light, Gear Ratio Adjustable of 3 Levels, Speed Range of 100-200,000rpm for Dental Restoration, Prophylaxis and Endodontics (Handpiece is NOT Included)

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  • Constant & Precise Power Output: Compared to traditional air-powered handpiece, electric handpiece offers higher and more consistent torque, maintains consistent cutting speed and power for smoother cuts and margins.
  • 3 Working Modes Presettable: Provide 3 kinds of speed ratios ranging from 100-2,500 rpm (16:1), 2,000-40,000 rpm (1:1), and 10,000 rpm-200,000 rpm (1:5).
  • Supporting Variety of Handpieces: The handpiece system allows for use with contra-angle and straight handpiece styles, and it can also be used for endodontic and implant procedures.
  • Universal Coupling: The handpiece system comes with a standard e-type connector, supporting most of electric handpieces from different brands; And also alows dentists to connect it with their dental unit easy through the 4-holes port on the back side;
  • Handpiece Connector Autoclavable: The connector can be autoclaved at 121°C for 20 minutes or 132°C for 15 minutes, ensuring hygiene and safety.

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