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5" Multi Magnetic Hotplate Stirrers With Hub Control

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Product Information

The 5" Multi Magnetic Hotplate Stirrers With Hub Control, made up of one controller and multiple stirrers, is designed to maximize productivity and enhance temperature control accuracy. The hub controller comes with a large touchscreen display, controlling each hotplate stirrer to heat evenly and mix various types of liquids and solutions. 

The hotplate offers ceramic coated surface, which is corrosion-resistant and easy to clean. The device adopts bluetooth, 2.4G wireless and wired USB connectivity to realize real-time data transmission and precise control, which provides increased flexibility for users. It is compatible with wired or wireless connections. When applying wired connections, the hub controller can control 6 magnetic hotplate stirrers, while for wireless connections, there is no limit on the number of stirrers.
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Connected Hotplate Stirrers

Introducing our revolutionary Magnetic Hotplate Stirrer with Hub Control – the centerpiece of your Connected Lab. The hub control console, as a central command center, remotely controls multiple hotplate stirrers by adjusting parameters and monitoring the working status. It provides a seamless and efficient stirring solution that revolutionizes the way labs operate, allowing users to monitor the actual temperature, stirring speed, and other parameters across the entire lab.

Fast Heating

Intuitive Touchscreen

Excellent stirring capacity

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Model MS321
Set-up plate material Aluminium alloy with ceramic coating
Set-up plate dimensions Φ5 inches
Heating temperature range Room temp. to 310°C
Speed range 50-1500RPM
Safety temperature 50°C to 325°C
Speed control accuracy ±1RPM
Temperature control accuracy ±1°C
USB interface Yes
Time range 99H59min
Number of magnetic hotplate stirrers Wired connections: 6/Wireless connections: no limit
Motor input 24V,30W
Motor Brushless DC motor
External temperature sensor Yes
Max. stirring quantity (H₂O) 20L
Power supply 200-240/100-120 VAC;50/60Hz
Stirring bar 55MM
Power switch Yes
Display LED
Dimension 166x166x106mm


  • The hub controller comes with a 7-inch, high resolution LCD touch screen

  • Temperature, Speed and Run Time for each magnetic hotplate stirrer can be set and adjusted by using the hub controller 

  • Bluetooth, 2.4G wireless and wired USB connectivity options allow real-time data transmission and precise control

  • Large capacity 5000mAh battery supports long working hours without the need for frequent charging

  • The maximum hotplate temperature is up to 310°C, and the safety temperature range is 50°C-325°C

  • PID controller ensures rapid heating and accurate temperature control 

  • The ceramic coated heating plate is resistant to high temperature, chemical corrosion and is easy to clean

  • Brushless DC motor is maintenance free and explosion proof

  • Automatically identify external temperature sensor PT1000 and transfer to PT1000 operation mode

  • LED display on the hotplate stirrer displays equipment tracking number for easy identification, speed, and temperature 

  • The controller adopts magnetic charging, which is convenient and fast

MS321 User manual

Support Wireless Connections

It offers versatile connectivity options, including Bluetooth 2.4G wireless and wired USB. This feature facilitates seamless real-time data transmission and precise control during experiments and research activities. Users can wirelessly connect the controller to hotplate stirrers using Bluetooth, enabling them to monitor and adjust settings from a distance. This wireless capability, with no limit of the connected devices, enhances convenience and flexibility in the laboratory.

4E’S Vs Other Brands

Ceramic coated heating plate

Fast heating

Precise temperature control 

Two Year Warranty

Frequently Asked Questions

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Is the controller rechargeable?

Yes, it is rechargeable. And it has a large capacity 5000mAh battery, no need for frequent charging.

What is the warranty on the item?

Four E's Equipment comes with a two year all-inclusive warranty.

Do you stock this item?

Yes, this item is in stock at our NJ warehouse.