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Pipette Controller | Vacuum Bulb Manual Type

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Product Information Product code : PPC100102 The Four E's Manual Pipette Controller is and easy to use, modern, vacuum bulb type dispenser for use with standard glass or plastic serologic or dispensing pipettes. The pipette has easy controls that can control the filling rate and delivery rate with the press of the bi-directional lever. There is also a discharge blow-out button above the control lever. Available in different colors this is the next best alternative to an electronic pipette dispenser.
Size: Green
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Simple yet Effective Controls

Easily control the dispensing and filling rate using the thumb lever located in the middle of the pump. The controller also has a discharge / blow-out button to expel any remaining liquid in the serological pipette. All controls can be activated with the thumb while the bulb provides the suction force.

Control the Fill and Dispense Rate

Easy and Safe Way to Dispense

Replaceable Filter

Robust Design

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Dispensing Range 2-20uL 25-250uL 100-1000uL
Part Number EPP200101 EPP200102 EPP200103
Repeatability (CV) 20uL≤ 0.4% & 2uL≤2.0% 250uL≤0.15% & 25uL≤0.7% 1000uL≤0.15% & 100uL≤0.5%
Tip Compatibility 20uL 250uL 1000uL
Weight 75 grams 75 grams 75 grams
Speed Levels 5 5 5
Battery Type AAA Powered (Ni-MH) battery AAA Powered (Ni-MH) battery AAA Powered (Ni-MH) battery


  • Ultralight and Ergonomic Design

  • Light Enough to Use a "Pen Grip"

  • Compensates for the "Hand Warming" Effect for Ultimate Accuracy

  • High Precision Accuracy for Optimal Performance

  • Single and Multiple Dispensing modes

  • Perfect for high precision dispensing applications such as real-time PCR

Mr Lite Pipette Datasheet

The Pipette is Mightier than the Sword

When a Pipette uses the best components and design it allows you to do amazing things. The Mr. Lite is so Lite that it can be held with a "Pen Grip". This allows for excellent controllability when dispensing small volumes repeatedly. Perfect for loading real-time PCR plates without worrying about the performance of your experiment.

These Pipettes Don't Just Hang Around

These pipettes are designed to be the go to pipette when you need accurate results. With multiple dispensing modes and easy controls the Mr. Lite Pipettes are gaining popularity around the world.

Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know about product and billing. Can’t find the answer you are looking for? Please write your question to us at

Is there a warranty on the unit?

There is a two-year warranty on the Mr. Lite Pipettes.

What is the Hand Warming Effect?

With repetitive pipetting the heat from your hand is transferred to the pipette. This heat changes the properties of the liquid and the device. This impacts the accuracy of the pipette.