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Overhead Stirrers | 20 Liter – OHS100120, 40 Liter – OHS100140, 60 Liter – OHS100160

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Product Information Product code : OHS100120 Four E’s overhead stirrers are modern, robust, and intelligent. We manufacture 3 models to match your sample size and viscosity. Each stirrer is supplied with all components needed for operation. There are also a variety of impellers available as options to ensure sample miscibility. Please contact our product specialists if you require assistance determining which stirrer is correct for your application.    
Size: 20 Liter
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Overhead Stirrer | Accessories - Four E's USA (A Four E's Scientific Company)

Overhead Stirrer | Accessories

$48.00 USD

PT1000 Temperature Sensor

PT1000 Temperature Sensor

$41.00 USD

Sleek and Powerful Overhead Laboratory Stirrers Designed for Years of Service

To build great stirrers you start with great engineers. Four E’s USA Overhead Stirrers were designed with our engineering team working closely with customers mixing emulsions, suspensions, and water and oil mixtures. These stirrers use advance controls to provide constant mixing speed through low and high viscosity solutions. Whether you are working with polymers or polyphenols Four E’s USA stirrers were designed to exceed expectations.

Precise Speed

Bright, Easily Readable, Modern Display

Built in Overload

Maintenance Free Brushless DC Motor

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20 Liter

40 Liter

60 Liter

Voltage 100V -240V 100V -240V 100V -240V
Frequency 50/60Hz 50/60Hz 50/60Hz
Max. input power 72W 145W 220W
Speed range under normal load 0/50-2000rpm 0/50-2000rpm 0/50-2000rpm
Speed increment Stepless, 10rpm Stepless, 10rpm Stepless, 10rpm
Speed accuracy ±1% ±1% ±1%
Max. torque at stirrer shaft
Max. stirring quantity 20L (H20) 40L (H20) 60L (H20)
Max Viscosity 1,000 mPas 5,000 mPas 5,000 mPas (2000rpm) 10,000 mPas (1000rpm)
Protection class according to DIN EN60529 IP42 IP42 IP42
Protection at Overload YES YES YES
Motor protection YES YES YES
Over Temperature protection YES YES YES
Permissible ambient temperature 5-40°C 5-40°C 5-40°C
Permissible relative humidity 80 % 80 % 80 %
Clamping chuck-clamping range 0.5-10mm 0.5-10mm 0.5-10mm
Power [W] 65 65 65
Dimensions (D×W×H) (without extension arm) 71×174×240mm 71×174×240mm 71×174×240mm
Weight (with extension arm and clamping chuck) 2.3kg 2.5kg 2.5kg


  • Compact, Solid, and Sleek design

  • Speed Range: 50rpm~2000rpm

  • Provides constant speed even with changes in viscositiesof the sample

  • Wide LED display for precise speed adjustment and monitoring

  • LED display shows actual and set speeds alternately

  • Overload protection system if the torque exceeds the stirrer ratings

  • Safety circuits: Circuit auto cut-off feature for additional protection

  • Maintenance-free Brushless DC motor

  • The through-shaft housing design allows for easy impeller heightadjustments and thereby less downtime in between sample changes

Digital Overhead Stirrer OHS Models REVA

Intelligent design

Four E’s takes mixing seriously. Each overhead stirrer includes everything you need to start suspending. The through shaft design allows for adjustable impeller height and securely attaches the implement to the high-end brushless motor. We also have over a dozen accessories to ensure that your experiment has the tools necessary for success. The bright display alternates between the set speed and the actual speed to provide real-time process feedback. Contact our product specialist to determine what model is best for your lab

Safety is Paramount

How much safety is too much for an overhead stirrer? We don’t know but we would rather err on the side of caution. Four E’s USA has multiple safeties built in for the operator and the device. If the unit detects excess torque a proprietary overload safety kicks in. There are also auto cut off and temperature sensing circuits for additional protection. The intuitive interface has easy to read codes and an audible alarm for fault detection and diagnosis.

4E’S Vs Other Brands

Brand X
Brand Y

Sleek Glass Interface

Bright OLED Type Display

Base Plate and Stand Included

Adjustable Through Shaft

Multiple Error Codes

Multiple Safety Systems

Affordable Price Point

Brushless DC Motor

Self-Adjusting Speed

IP 42 Protection

Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know about product and billing. Can’t find the answer you are looking for? Please write your question to us at

Do you sell additional impellers?

Four E’s offer a range of impellers for your mixing application. Please check our accessories section or reach out to a product specialist

Is there a warranty on the unit?

Four E’s stirrers come with a two-year warranty.

What is the maximum viscosity rating for the OHS-60D?

The OHS-60D has two viscosity ratings. If your are operating under 1000 rpm’s the rating is 100,000 mPas. If you are operating above 1000 rpm’s the rating is 50,000 mPas

What type of motor is used in the units?

A top-tier, maintenance free, brushless DC motor.

What is the RPM range for these devices?

The units can have a setpoint from 50 – 2000 rpm’s

Will the unit cut-off automatically if it gets too hot?

Yes, one of the safety features will protect the device from damage due to overheating.

Does the unit have alarm codes?

Yes, the unit has four alarm codes and audible alarms for easy diagnosis

How do you set the speed?

To configure the speed, use the large knob to adjust the setpoint. Press the nob to start or stop the stirring