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Paraffin Wax Trimmer

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Product Information Product code : PWT100101

Paraffin wax trimmer provides an efficient solution for removing excess paraffin from tissue embedding cassettes, for enhanced slicing precision in a microtome. The device is designed to simplify wax disposal and prevent messy paraffin shavings. The heated, grooved surfaces allow quick and easy removal of extra paraffin allowing the melted wax to drain cleanly into a removable catch basin.

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Key Feature

When Four E's Designs equipment we start with our customers and work backwards. Our goal is build user friendly equipment that it is so easy to use it does not need a manual. This Block Trimmer has simple controls: LED Display and Rotary Knob for easy temperature adjustment. The large working surface allows multiple tissue cassettes to be trimmed at a time.

Rapid Heat Up Time

Grooved Surface for Wax Drainage

Over Temperature Protection

Useful Settings and Functions

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Type Paraffin Wax Trimmer
Model PWT100101
Temperature Range RT+5 to 99º C
Voltage 100-120V AC 60Hz; 200-240V AC 50Hz
Power 250W
Dimensions(L*W*H) 350 x 160 x 210 (mm)
Temperature Accuracy ± 1º C


  • LED Display and Rotary Knob for easy temperature adjustment

  • Continuously adjustable between room temperature and 99°C

  • Reaches the set maximum temperature within 5 to 10 minutes, with a temperature accuracy of ±1°C.

  • The large working surface allows multiple tissue cassettes to be trimmed at a time

  • Grooved surface for proper wax drainage

  • Magnetically attached drip tray with disposable tray liners for easy maintenance

  • Power failure recovery mode and over-temperature protection

  • Supports continuous operation for up to 8 hours

Four Es Paraffin Wax Trimmer

Grooved Surface & Tray Liners

The working surface is large enough and allows multiple tissue cassettes to be trimmed at a time, and the grooved surface ensures proper wax drainage. The device has a Magnetically attached drip tray, and comes with 5 disposable tray liners for easy collection and disposal of wax

4E’S Vs Other Brands

Quick Heat Up

Over Temperature Protection

Safety Features (Residual Heat Warning)

Two Year Warranty

Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know about product and billing. Can’t find the answer you are looking for? Please write your question to us at

Does the unit have built in safety functions?

Yes, the unit has over temperature protection, and a residual heat indicator that flashes when temperature is above 50 deg. C after it is powered off.

What is the warranty on the item?

Four E's Equipment comes with a two year all-inclusive warranty?

Do you stock this item?

Yes, this item is in stock at our NJ warehouse.