Four ES office building

Four E’s USA has opened a new facility in West Windsor New Jersey

Four E’s USA, A Four E’s Scientific Company, is very excited to announce that it has leased a nearly 10,000 square feet facility in West Windsor, New Jersey.  Four E’s USA is dedicated to supplying OEM (original equipment manufacturer), private label, and branded life science and laboratory equipment and consumables to the North American market.

Four E’s Scientific has been supplying United States and Canadian based medical and laboratory distributors in addition to life science and research companies with devices and consumables for over a decade. The new facility will allow for supply chain redundancy for Four E’s Scientific and to offer focused technical support, warehousing, product assembly and repair for North American customers. With the recent supply chain disruptions and explosive growth of its customer base, it was essential to establish a US headquarters. The new facility is well equipped for technical support, logistics support, warehousing, and operational aspects such as quality assurance, regulatory compliance, assembly, troubleshooting and repairs. The facility also allows for additional rapid expansion based on customer projects, personnel, and manufacturing requirements. 

The equipment Four E’s manufactures is important in the areas of point of care diagnostics, cancer research, food safety, and many other chemical, biological, and medical applications. Liquid handling equipment such as pipettes and dispensers are used in most labs as well as mixing equipment such as vortex mixers and stirring hot plates. Four E’s also manufactures advanced equipment such as cell counters, PCR equipment, and Nucleic Acid Extraction Equipment.  

It was important to locate the facility near key opinion leaders and to incorporate Voice of the Customer (VOC) into product design and evaluation. There were many additional reasons why West Windsor was selected as a prime location for Four E’s USA.  

West Windsor Central NJ was selected as a prime location for Four E’ USA because of the proximity to,  

  1. Top Universities.
  2. Top Hospital Systems
  3. Top Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology companies
  4. Major Seaports and Highways 
  5. Skilled Workforce

This location will allow Four E’s USA to attract and retain the best talent in the areas of pharmaceuticals, chemistry, biology, and the medical sciences.  Specifically, application specialists skilled in liquid handling equipment, nucleic acid extraction equipment, and PCR devices are key employees for the diverse customers of Four E’s USA.   

The facility also has an appropriate layout for operational and commercial workflow.  Four E’s services a wide variety of customers from Academic Research Labs, Commercial Research Labs, Healthcare Labs, and Applied Science Labs such as Environmental, Food, and Water Labs.  Being able to setup customer centric workflows for testing, repair, assembly, and quality control are important to delivering high quality technical and product support and service. We look forward to occupying our new facility in the Summer of 2022 and supporting our customers as we grow together. The ability to find a location with so many positives is very exciting.