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Laboratory Shakers, Rockers, and Mixers

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Product Information Product code : MI0103002 Four E’s is one of the largest manufacturers of shaking, rocking, and rotating equipment. Our modern laboratory mixing equipment offers advanced controls and robust designs. We offer linear shaking equipment, orbital shaking equipment, 2-dimensional rocking equipment, 3-dimensional rocking equipment, and 2 or 3-dimensional belly-type wave mixers.
Size: Orbital and Linear Shaker
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Versatile and Advanced Shakers and Rockers

Four E’s mixers are used for general purpose mixing, bacterial culture, suspension, adherent cell culture, and blotting procedures. Whether you are working with shaker flasks, t-flasks, cell culture plates, or blotting dishes Four E’s provides four types of laboratory mixers to best suit the process. Please contact our product specialist to determine what device is best for your protocol.

Advanced Digital

Robust Long-Life

For Most Laboratory Mixing Procedures

Complete Assortment of Accessories

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Orbital and Linear Shaker

Digital Laboratory Rocker

3 Dimensional Wave Nutating Mixer

Flat or Angled Belly Type Shaker

3D Rocker | Analog

Model SK150 SK308 SK208 SK4 RKR200101
Type Orbital and Linear Shaker 2D Rocker 3D Wave Nutating Mixer Flat or Angled Belly Type Shaker 3D Rocker | Analog
Motion Circular or Side to Side Flat Motion Platform Shaker Tilting 2Dimensional Rocking 3 Dimensional Nutating Mixer ,Corner Tipping Method Flat or Adjustable Angle Belly Type Mixing 3-dimensional shaking
Typical Applications Yeast and Algae Cultures Eukaryotic and Insect Cell Culture Blot Washing General Mixing Cell Culture Bag Rocking Electrophoresis Gels Staining and Blot Washing Gentle Low Foaming Agitation for blood samples chromatography media agglutination cell culture mixing Staining and Destaining Gels immunoprecipitation northern southern or western blots Flat or 3D mixing for Cell Culture Molecular Biology
Platform Size 322 x 314mm 322 x 280mm 322 x 280mm 322 x 280mm 322 x 280mm
Speed Range 20-500rpm 10-70rpm 10-70rpm 10-70rpm 0-100
Time Range 0-99hr 59min 0-99hr 59min 0-99hr 59min 0-99hr 59min 0-99hr 59min
Controls Digital LED w/tempered glass Digital LED w/tempered glass Digital LED w/tempered glass Digital LED w/tempered glass Digital LED w/tempered glass
Tilt Angle N/A 9⁰ 9⁰ 0-8⁰ 0-8°
Orbital Diameter 10mm NA NA 38mm NA
Maximum Capacity 7.5kg 10kg 5kg 5kg 2Kg
Unit Dimensions 450 x 400 x 105mm 450 x 400 x 105mm 450 x 400 x 105mm 450 x 400 x 105mm 190 x 190 x 160
Unit Weight 11kg 9.7kg 12kg 9kg 1.9Kg / 4.18 lb
Included Platform Universal Attachment with 4 Bars Universal Attachment with 4 Bars Universal Attachment with 4 Bars Platform with Nonslip Mat Platform with Nonslip Mat
Optional Platforms Flask Attachment Options UDish Type Platform with Nonslip Mat Dish Type Platform with Nonslip Mat Additional Shelf Additional Shelf


  • - Advanced bright OELD control system with Tempered Glass Face and easy to use digital controls

  • - Precise speed control, no more guessing on time or speed settings for reproducible results

  • - Built to last with two-year all-inclusive warranty

  • - Solid, robust, heavy design with high-capacity platforms for high throughput

  • - Intelligent controls with overspeed and overload detection for years of maintenance free service

  • - Universal attachments are included with each shaker, so it is ready out of the box

  • - Wide choice of accessories and product specialist support for easy implementation





A Good Shaker Design is Paramount

Engineering is in our culture and these laboratory shaker units are an excellent example. Each unit has a built in timer for timed laboratory procedures and advanced speed control for mixing reproducibility. The bright OLED display is housed under tempered glass for protection and visibility. Each unit has familiar dial controls for adjusting the speed and timer features. The real time speed is displayed on the screen to confirm correct operation. The setpoint is easy to change and these units have built in alarms and safeties for years of service.

When it Comes to Laboratory Mixers, Choice is Good!

No lab is the same and protocols can change. Therefore, Four E’s offers four types of motion in our shaker line. The Orbital and Linear Shaker can easily switch between two types of mixing motion. An orbital motion is great for standard Erlen Myer Flasks, shaker flask, or baffled shaker flask and bacterial cultures such as yeast or E. coli. The reciprocating motion of the linear shaking is excellent for staining, washing blots and general laboratory mixing. The 2D rocker is also good for staining and cell culture, especially with wave type single use cell culture bags. Our 3D Wave Nutating Mixer uses the familiar corner tipping method to agitate samples and cultures. The Belly Type shaker is adjustable and can operate in a flat orbital mixing motion or a 3D Wave Motion. Four E’s Shaker line has your laboratory mixing needs covered.

4E’S Vs Other Brands

Brand X
Brand Y

Built-In Timer

Multiple Versions Available

2 Year Warranty

Robust, Heavy Design

Accessories Available

High-Capacity Platform

Overload/Overspeed Alarms

Digital Controls

Easy Calibration

Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know about product and billing. Can’t find the answer you are looking for? Please write your question to us at

Does the Unit Come with a Warranty?

Yes, all Four E’s Laboratory Shakers, Rockers, and Rotators have a two-year warranty.

What unit is best for Western Blotting?

We find that the Orbital motion works well for Western Blotting and Hybridization but we have seen customers using 2D units for gels.

What unit should I use for bag type cell culture?

The 2D rocker is best for using a bag type culture to ensure proper gas exchange with the headspace.

Can the units be used in an Incubator?

Yes, the shakers can be using in a standard incubator.

How does the Universal Bar attachment work?

The universal bars are adjustable with thumbscrews on the side of the platform. This allows positioning flasks on the platform and trapping the neck of the flask with the bar. The bars can also be removed if you would like to place the samples directly on the platform. Dedicated flasks holders are available for 25ml, 50ml, 100ml, 250ml, and 500ml shaker flasks.

What does Nutating mean?

Nutating is a Latin word that means swaying. It is used to describe the motion of the platform as it tilts around a center point of a fixed height. This is great for general purpose low foaming mixing or gas exchange in cell cultures.

Can you repair a damaged unit?

If a unit is dropped or damaged we can repair the item in our New Jersey facility. Onsite repair may be available based on location.