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Paraffin Wax Dispenser

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Product Information Product code : WXD100101 Four E's advanced Paraffin Wax Dispenser comes with LED Display shows timer and temperature status, adjustable faucet heating settings, PID controller for precise temperature management. The device has bottom and side heating ensuring fast and uniform heating, and an automatic alarm activation if temperature exceeds the set value by 5 degrees.
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Quick Heat Up

The paraffin wax dispenser features an advanced heating system at the bottom, designed to rapidly and evenly heat the wax. This innovative element ensures that the wax reaches the desired temperature quickly and consistently, allowing for a smooth and efficient waxing treatment. By heating the wax uniformly, it helps to maintain its optimal consistency for application, promoting better results and less wastage.

Fast Heating

Over Temperature Protection

Useful Settings and Functions

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Type Paraffin Wax Dispenser
Model WXD100101
Temperature Range Ambient to 100 ℃
Tank Capacity 10L
Power 1200W
Temperature Accuracy ± 1º C
Voltage AC 110V ± 10%; 50Hz
Dimensions(L*W*H) 355 x 410 x 540 (mm)
Weight 17kg


  • LED Display shows timer and temperature status

  • Automatic alarm activation if temperature exceeds the set value by 5degrees

  • Faucet heating intensity is adjustable by the knob located at the rear of the instrument to ensure continuous dispensing of wax without clogging

  • PID temperature controller and temperature sensors provide precise temperature management

  • The memory and automatic restoration feature enable the automatic preservation of the set temperature following operation

Four Es Paraffin Wax Dispenser

PID Temperature Controller

The integration of a PID temperature controller and temperature sensors in the paraffin wax dispenser allows for consistent heating and melting of the paraffin wax, providing a smooth and reliable process. With the PID temperature controller, the dispenser can maintain the desired temperature with minimal fluctuations, ensuring high-quality wax treatments.

4E’S Vs Other Brands

Quick Heat Up

Over Temperature Protection

Automatic Restoration Feature

Two Year Warranty

Frequently Asked Questions

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Does the unit have built in safety functions?

Yes, the unit has over temperature protection.

What is the warranty on the item?

Four E's Equipment comes with a two year all-inclusive warranty.

Do you stock this item?

Yes, this item is in stock at our NJ warehouse.