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Slide Dryer

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Product Information Product code : SDR100101 The Four E's USA Slide Dryer is Advanced, Affordable, and Quiet. The extra-large capacity and angled slide storage area will make it an essential part of your histology workflow.  Contact one of our product specialists for more information.
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Extra Large Capacity: 56 Slides

When Four E's Designs equipment we start with our customers and work backwards. One of the biggest demands from the customers was for extra large capacity slide storage area. Our Slide Dryer is designed to hold 56 slides. The Angled slide storage area lets the customer easily place and pickup slides.

four es slide dryer

Rapid Heat Up Time

Advanced Color Touchscreen

Useful Settings and Functions

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Type Slide Dryer
Model SDR100101
Temperature Range 0-99°C (1°C increment)
Power 200A
Dimensions(L*W*H) 327mm x 340mm x 166
Maximum Slide Capacity 56
Temperature Range Ambient -99°C
Temperature Accuracy ±1°C
Surface Size 34 x 22cm
Display LED
Weight 8.5kg


  • 56 slide capacity (conventional slides): 7 blocks and 8 slides oneach block.

  • High-Definition touch screen and user-friendly interface for intuitive operation

  • Microprocessor Controlled device with precise temperature performance

  • Nonvolatile memory that retains setpoints and settings

  • Advanced safety over-temperature protection that shuts of the device

  • Timer and alarm reminder

Four Es Slide Dryer

Accurate Temperature for Pristine Slides

Heating equipment is Four E's forte. This equipment was designed with top-of-the-line temperature sensors. The finely tuned heating system allows for precise control of the dryer temperature producing wrinkle free microscope slides.

4E’S Vs Other Brands

Brand X
Brand Y

Quiet Fan-less Design

Quick Heat Up

Embedded Temperature Probe

Touch Screen Interface


Large Microscope Slide Area

Two Year Warranty

Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know about product and billing. Can’t find the answer you are looking for? Please write your question to us at

How does the Auto On/Off Work?

The unit can be set to automatically turn on and turn off for the next day. This will ensure that the unit is ready for use.

Can the unit be calibrated?

Yes, the unit has a temperature calibration menu.

Does the unit have built in safety alarms?

Yes, the unit has built in alarms to protect from overheating.

What is the warranty on the item?

Four E's Equipment comes with a two year all-inclusive warranty?

Do you stock this item?

Yes, this item is in stock at our NJ warehouse.