Four E’s USA Obtains Approval to Distribute Medical Devices

Four E’s USA Obtains Approval to Distribute Medical Devices

Four E’s USA, A Four E’s Scientific Company, has Obtained Approval to Distribute Medical Devices

Four E’s USA, A Four E’s Scientific Company, supplies laboratory and medical equipment as well as consumables to North and South America. Obtaining the New Jersey Board of Health Medical Device Wholesale Approval was a major milestone to support their medical products distribution network.  Four E’s USA has medical equipment and consumables wholesale capability such as PPE, disposable gloves, alcohol swabs, Rx devices, and durable medical equipment such as histology slide storage cabinets and devices.  Four E’s USA is also focused on laboratory equipment such as incubators, shakers, rockers, and pipettes. Four E’s Scientific is the largest manufacturer of OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) liquid handling equipment such as pipettes. Four E’s USA works closely with US distributors and manufacturers to provide high quality private label and OEM solutions for their life science customers.

Statement from Brian Canna, COO Four E’s USA – "It was a major step forward for our US facility and an exceptional effort by our team as this occurred during our warehouse and assembly area expansion effort.  We modeled our quality system on ISO 13485, which is a medical device manufacturing quality management system standard. This will support our future plans to manufacture and repair laboratory, medical equipment, and potentially fill/finish reagents. Our rigorous quality system helped us quickly gain medical device wholesale status approval, along with many facility enhancements such as new security systems, camera systems, workflow design and entry control.  This is very important to our business as we are not only a manufacturer of laboratory equipment overseas, but we also specialize in medical devices and consumables.  We are making great leaps in the areas of clinical diagnostics, microbiology, and histology and we need to be able to give our customers in the Americas the best level of local support and to provide feedback to our R&D teams.  Four E’s USA has an aggressive growth plan that is built on the backbone of modern internal systems such as EDI, ERP, Ecommerce, and CRM software, as well as an extremely knowledgeable sales force to support distribution partners.  We only hire scientists for our customer facing teams because scientists are our customers.  With the support of almost 80 design engineers and new manufacturing facilities of Four E’s Scientific, Four E’s USA is poised for exponential growth."     


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