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Micro Volume Spectrophotometer

Product Information Product code : SPT-NanoF

The Micro volume spectrophotometer (UV-Vis) with a built-in 7-inch color touch screen can perform all detection functions without connecting to a computer. The device has a full spectral range (190-800nm) for accurate quantitative analysis of DNA, RNA, proteins, etc. It comes with an intuitive user interface for easy operation.

The instrument requires only 0.5-2μl micro-volume samples for accurate and reproducible measurements and can detect high concentration samples without dilution. The Xenon flash lamp light source ensures that the device is ready for immediate use without any warm-up time and provides high stability and a long operating life.

Fluorescence detection function
The advanced model (SPT-NanoF) comes with fluorescence detection module. When used with fluorescence quantitative analysis kit it accurately quantifies the concentration of DNA, RNA and protein through the specific binding of fluorophore with target material.
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One Device - 3 Modes

The Micro Volume Spectrophotometer offers three different modes of operation: Microvolume Measurement, Fluorescence Detection and OD600nm Measurement. In the microvolume mode, it requires only 0.5 - 2μl micro-volume samples for accurate and reproducible measurements. The fluorometer mode enables the detection and quantification of fluorescent molecules, allowing researchers to study molecular interactions and pathways. Additionally, the OD600 mode is specifically designed for measuring the optical density of bacterial cultures, providing valuable information for cell growth and viability studies.

Full Spectrum Detection

Instant Insights

Intuitive Touchscreen

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Model SPT-NanoF (with built-in Fluorescence Detection)
Wavelength range 190-800nm
Minimum sample size 0.5~2μL
Path length (auto-ranging) 0.05mm (high concentration); 0.2mm (high concentration); 1mm (normal concentration)
Light source Xenon flash lamp
Detector type 2048px,CMOS
Wavelength accuracy 1nm
Spectral resolution ≤3nm
Absorbance precision 0.003Abs
Absorbance Accuracy 1% (4.096A at 260nm)
Absorbance Range 0.04~300A
Lower Limit of Detection 2 ng/μL(dsDNA); 0.06 mg/mL (BSA)
Maximum Concentration 15000 ng/μL(dsDNA); 440 mg/mL (BSA)
Sample pedestal material Aluminum alloy and Quartz fiber
Power supply AC100V-240V, 50Hz/60Hz (power adapter)
Operating power 48W
Standby power 8W
Software Android
Data Output USB 2.0,built-in printer
OD600nm Measurement
Sample Holder Type Cuvette
Cuvette Dimensions 12.5x12.5x45mm; Z-Height: 8.5mm
Light source LED
Wavelength range 600±8nm
Absorbance range 0~4A
Fluorescence detection
Sample Holder Type 0.5mL PCR Tube (with PCR Tube Holder for Cuvette Slot)
Excitation filters wavelength 435-485nm
Emission filters wavelength 530-560nm
Sensitivity dsDNA: 0.5pg/μL
Linear dynamic range R2≥0.995
Repeatability ≤1.5%
Dimensions and Weight
Dimension (W x D x H) 318*220*205mm
Weight 4.1kg


  • 7-inch LCD touchscreen with intuitive user interface accomplishes detection without the need to connect to a computer

  • Only requires 0.5 - 2µl sample volume for accurate measurement.

  • Full spectral range of wavelength detection from 190nm to 800nm.

  • Simply power it on and start measuring, no need for lamp warm-up.

  • The Xenon flash lamp has long service life up to 10 years.

  • Automatic detection on lowering the pedestal arm.

  • OD600 function to detect concentration of bacteria and microorganisms.

  • For fluorescence detection, it can be used for accurate quantification of extremely low concentration nucleic acid with a lower limit of 0.5pg/µl(dsDNA).

  • The test result can be printed by a built-in printer or exported via USB for data analysis and storage.

  • Applications: The Micro Volume Spectrophotometer is used in the detection of micro-volume quantities of nucleic acids, proteins, chemical substances and liquids in laboratory, food industries, chemistry, microbiology, medicine research and development.

SPT-NanoF User Manual

Full Spectrum Detection

The Micro Volume Spectrophotometer offers a full spectral range from 190 to 800nm, allowing for precise and accurate quantitative analysis of various biological substances such as DNA, RNA, and proteins. This wide range enables researchers and scientists to obtain detailed information on the concentration, purity, and quality of biomolecules, aiding in various research and diagnostic applications.

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Intuitive touchscreen

Microvolume detection

Full spectrum detection

Two Year Warranty

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