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Per4mance™ Pipettes – Increased Performance ISO 8655 Calibrated Adjustable Pipettes w/Autoclavable Lower

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Product Information Product code : SA0301002

The Per4mance™ Line of adjustable single channel pipettes represents the pinnacle of engineering in liquid handling for semi-autoclavable pipettes. The design of the Per4mance™ line is based on the ever-popular Precipette™ pipettes with three key enhancements to the internal design and materials. These enhancements increase the accuracy, longevity, and functionality of the semi-autoclavable design.  

Volume Range: 0.5-10μl
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Pipette Accessories

Pipette Accessories

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Four E’s Just Made Their Best Pipette, Better

Four E’s is a leading manufacturer of branded and privatelabel pipettes. Years of designing and manufacturing led to the launch of thePer4mance line of single channel adjustable pipettes. Per4mance pipettes have asleek design to match the upgraded internal materials and design. All Per4mancepipettes are factory calibrated and supplied with the ISO 8655 calibration testsheet.    


Large Volume

Designed for Right
and Left Handers

Lower Section

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Model Volume Range Increment Maximum permissible systematic error Maximum permissible random error Color
P4-SA0301001 0.1-2.0μl 0.002ul 2.50% 2.0% Black
P4-SA0301002 0.5-10μl 0.01ul 1.00% 0.80% Grey
P4-SA0301003 2-20μl 0.02ul 0.90% 0.40% Red
P4-SA0301004 5-50μl 0.05ul 0.60% 0.30% Blue
P4-SA0301005 10-100μl 0.1ul 0.80% 0.15% Dark Grey
P4-SA0301006 20-200μl 0.2ul 0.60% 0.15% White
P4-SA0301007 100-1000μl 1ul 0.60% 0.20% Light Blue
P4-SA0301008 1000-5000μ 5ul 0.60% 0.15% Pink
P4-SA0301009 1-10ml 10ul 0.60% 0.20% Beige


  • Lower plunger pressure avoids repetitive strain injuries

  • Different color tops indicate pipette volume range of 0.1ul-10ml

  • 4-position window display can be viewed when used by left or right handers

  • Upgraded internal design and material changes to enhance performance

  • Autoclavable lower section for proper disinfection

  • High-elastic tip cone provides a good seal and easy removal of tips from many different manufacturers

  • Calibrated in accordance with ISO8655 and each pipette is supplied with an individual test certificate

Precipette Data Sheet

Tip Compatibility

User Manual

Pipette Tips for All Pipette Manufacturers

Pipetting Just Got Easier

Four E’s Per4mance pipette is designed to be extremelyergonomic in shape and motion. The low force required to pipette or changepipette tips mitigates repetitive stress injuries that can occur withlaboratory processes.  Combined with theperformance of Four E’s liquid handling devices this line of pipettes is greatfor pipetting aliquots into tubes, plates, or flasks. Four E’s offers a widerange of volume capabilities and pipettes are easily identified through theircap color.

Ensuring a Sterile Sample is the Least We Could Do

Ensuring a Sterile Sample is the Least We Could DoThe Per4mance line of pipettes was designed tobe effective and affordable. Maintaining a desirable price point to allow forsterilization of the lower section was a key element in engineering theseprecision liquid handling devices. The lower section can easily be removed andthe liquid handling components can be autoclaved to eliminate contamination. Eachpipette is supplied in a rigid box with calibration tools, pipette grease,calibration test sheet, sample pipette tip, and a user manual.

4E's vs. Other Brands

Brand X
Brand Y

ISO 8655 Calibrated

Calibration Sheet

Ambidextrous Design

Competitive Price

Lower Portion Autoclavable

Easily Disassembled

Exception Tip Compatibility

Low Plunger Force to Reduce Injury

Easy Calibration


Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know about product and billing. Can’t find the answer you are looking for? Please write your question to us at

What Brand Tips Do Your Pipettes Work With?

Our pipettes are designed to work with most supplier’s pipette tips due to the innovative tip design. We also provide pipette tips specifically for our pipettes. Please refer to the tip compatibility chart to make sure the tips are compatible with Four E’s USA pipettes.

Do you sell Pipette tips?

Yes, we do. We sell pipette tips in bulk, racked, sterile, nonsterile, low retention, filtered and non-filtered.

Is the Pipette Autoclavable?

The Precipette features an autoclavable lower portion. This allows for sterilizing of the liquid handling mechanism. Please refer to our manual or videos for more information on disassembly or sterilization.

What is included with the pipette?

All pipettes are shipped individually in sturdy boxes. In the box you will find a comprehensive multi-language manual, an individual calibration certificate to ISO 8655 standards, a calibration tool, pipette grease, sample pipette tip, replacement calibration stickers, and an adjustable volume pipette.

Can I order the Pipettes in Bulk?

Yes, Four E’s is one of the largest designers and manufacturers of pipettes and we offer our pipettes in bulk, private label with customizations available.

Who do I contact if I have an issue calibrating the pipette?

Four E’s USA, headquartered in West Windsor, NJ, has customer service representatives standing by to help with calibration, parts, or product questions.

What is the warranty on the pipette?

Yes, there is a full 12-month warranty on the pipette.

Is there a rack to organize the pipettes?

Four E’s offers universal pipette racks that are compatible with all Four E’s pipette models and most competitor pipettes.

How do I disassemble the pipette?

The pipette can be disassembled, cleaned, and autoclaved without the use of any tools. Refer to the product manual for in-depth disassembly instructions. To disassemble, the ejector sleeve is pressed down, and the lower portion of the pipette is pulled down and rotated. This will separate the major components. The pipette tip then can be unscrewed from the unit to expose the pipette internal components for cleaning and sterilizing.

What is the procedure for calibrating the pipette?

Please refer to the product manual for detailed calibration instructions. To calibrate the pipette the calibration tool is inserted in the calibration port. The volume setting ring is turned to adjust the dispensing volume as required to meet the calibration requirements. The displayed volume should not change when rotating the volume setting ring during calibration.