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Variable Speed Vortex Mixers | Analog and Digital Models

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Product Information Product code : VMX200202 4E's Variable Speed Vortex Mixer is a versatile tool widely used in scientific labs, beauty salons, tattoo shops, and schools. It has touch and continuous operation modes, a strong vortex mixing action, with a speed range of 0-3000rpm, and interchangeable accessories for various applications. Its easy-to-use knob allows precise speed adjustment, and the sturdy aluminum housing with suction feet ensures stable operation. The mixer can mix 50mL Conical Centrifuge Tubes within 3 seconds, making it an ideal tool for fast mixing needs.
Size: Vortex Mixer Digital Control with Timer
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Designed Specifically for Your Lab

Four E’s is one of the leading manufacturers of vortexing devices. The 4E's Variable Speed Vortex Mixer can streamline your work and deliver consistent results. Offered in both digital and analog variants, this powerful little mixer has touch and continuous operation modes, a strong vortex mixing with a speed range of 0-3000rpm, and an easy-to-use knob for precise speed adjustment. These vortex mixers can fully mix a full 50mL liquid in container within 3 seconds, so you can complete your mixing tasks quickly and efficiently. Both vortex mixers are compatible with the dozens of attachments available to hold tubes, plates, and flasks. Its robust aluminum base housing with suction feet ensures stable operation, while the brushless DC motor with perfect dynamic balance stands firmly planted to the laboratory benchtop.



Small Foot

Multiple Block

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Vortex Mixer Analog Control

Vortex Mixer Digital Control with Timer

Model Number DBI100101 DBI100102
Lid Clear Removeable Heated Flip Lid
Temp Range (°C) RT +5-100 RT +5-100
Timer Set Range 0-99h59min 0-99h59min
Temp Accuracy(°C) +/-0.5 +/-0.5
Temp Display(°C) +/-0.1 +/-0.1
Heat Up Time (40 to 100C) <15min <15min
Weight 0.9kg 0.9kg
Size [LxWxH] mm 164 x 116 x 98 164 x 116 x 98


  • ● Temperature setting up to 100°C

  • ● Easy to read LED display

  • ● Interchangeable blocks for multiple tube types

  • ● Compact design with Actual and Set Temp display

  • ● Can store up to 5 temperature control programs

  • ● Low voltage operation, can be powered with a car charger

Vortex Mixer Datasheet VMX



Built to Last

4E's designs vortex mixing equipment built to stand the test of time offered at excellent price points. We do this by focusing on a strong engineering department with in-depth understanding of motors, mixing, materials, electronics, and balance. The VMX series of vortex mixers are easy to use and dependable due to their simple controls and high-quality components. Whether you are mixing plates, test tubes, blood collection tubes, microcentrifuge tubes, or flasks there are many options available.

Attachments for All

The VMX series of vortex mixers is supplied with a cup attachment that can be used for most small laboratory consumables but the utility of the equipment doesn’t stop there. Four E’s has a variety of attachments for different consumable shapes and sizes. These attachments are made of sturdy foam and will accommodate many samples. Contact a Four E’s USA product specialist if you have any questions regarding our vortex mixer attachments.

4E’S Vs Other Brands

Brand X
Brand Y

Multiple Safety Features

Rotor Options

Affordable Price Point

LED Controls

Fast Acceleration and Deceleration Time

Small Foot Print

Brushless DC Motor

Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know about product and billing. Can’t find the answer you are looking for? Please write your question to us at

How long does it take to mix a sample with this vortex mixer?

The strong spin-up ability of this vortex mixer allows for a full 50mL liquid to be mixed in containers within 3 seconds.

How long is the warranty for this vortex mixer?

The Variable Speed Vortex Mixer comes with a one-year warranty from us against defects in materials and workmanship.

What safety features does this vortex mixer have?

The Variable Speed Vortex Mixer has several safety features, including a sturdy aluminum housing, rubber vacuum suction feet for stability, LED display for easy use, timer function to prevent over-mixing, and a brushless DC motor with perfect dynamic balance to ensure stable and safe operation.

Does the mixer come with any accessories or attachments?

Yes, the mixer comes with the standard cup attachment but there are many accessories available for purchase to increase the capabilities of the unit.

Is the mixer easy to clean?

Yes, the mixer is easy to clean due to its simple and sturdy design. Simply wipe it down with a damp cloth or tissue.