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New Product Alert: the new Mini 16™ ultra-fast portable qPCR machine from Four E’s USA

Need a qPCR machine, but don’t have room for traditional models? Introducing the new Mini 16™ ultra-fast portable qPCR machine from Four E’s USA.  

Polymerase chain reaction (PCR) is a revolutionary laboratory method that takes advantage of the natural DNA replication process to amplify copies of a specific DNA segment using short synthetic DNA fragments called primers. Primers select a segment of the genome to be amplified, and then multiple rounds of DNA synthesis are performed to amplify that segment, providing billions of copies of the target sequence to allow for enhanced detection. Traditional PCR cycling can take up to 2 hours, but with the Mini 16, PCR reactions can be completed in as little as 30 minutes. 

While traditional PCR methods require gel electrophoresis and sequencing to obtain a measurement, quantitative PCR (qPCR), turns the PCR process into a measurement technique in itself with the addition of fluorescent dye and a fluorometer to detect fluorescence. qPCR thermal cyclers include a fluorometer that provides fluorescence readings in real time as the machine runs. The information obtained from real-time fluorescent readings can be used to determine relative and absolute amounts of that target DNA present. Because of the real-time measurements, qPCR is often called real-time PCR

In the current era of rapid testing, the portability of the Mini 16™ can easily meet the needs of on-site rapid detection without the large benchtop footprint of traditional qPCR machines. The Mini 16™ has a compact 16-well design that is compatible with standard transparent 0.2mL PCR reaction tubes, providing superior portability without compromising performance. The Mini 16™ sports an ultra-fast temperature ramp rate of 8°C per second that cuts down on heating time between cycles, increasing sample processing and cycling efficiency. Liquid circulation refrigeration and tightly controlled ±0.2°C temperature variability between wells ensures uniform thermal cycling for each sample and accurate temperature control, so you can trust that your PCR program was faithfully carried out. 

With few rivaling scientific advancements, the Mini 16 is on the cutting edge of molecular biology technology, making it perfect for epidemic prevention and control, rapid screening for entry and exit, food safety testing, environmental microorganism identification, and so much more. The speed, portability, and easy-to-use interface of the Mini 16 also makes it perfect for scientific research and teaching new users.

Whether you are genotyping or measuring absolute or relative DNA concentration, with the Mini 16™, you can hold qPCR in the palm of your hand.