New Product Line Alert - Per4mance™ Pipettes – High Performance Pipettes from Four E’s USA

New Product Line Alert - Per4mance™ Pipettes – High Performance Pipettes from Four E’s USA

Four E’s, a global manufacturer of liquid handling devices, has launched their new line of high-performance pipettes. The new design improves upon the popular Precipette™ line of pipettes with major upgrades in the internal design and materials. Four E’s has a long history of designing and building pipettes and the Per4mance line is a pinnacle in semi-autoclavable adjustable volume pipette technology. The upgraded design will increase the accuracy and performance of the pipettes, which are used in many research and clinical laboratories around the world. These pipettes are ISO 8655 calibrated and are supplied with individual calibration sheets for documentation. The new pipettes will be officially launched at the Pittcon Exhibition in Philadelphia, PA in March 2022.

 Link to Per4mance Product Page

Following exponential growth of the Precipette™ pipette sales, Four E’s decided to invest in making their top performing pipette even better. The Precipette™ will still be available as a budget friendly device, for sale, for the foreseeable future, but the Per4mance line will be available for customers seeking even better performance, reliability, and accuracy. Pipetting is an extremely important function in many cancer research laboratories and pharmaceutical research installations. Pipettes are used to repeatedly and accurately transfer small amounts of liquid in hospital and lab settings. The Per4mance line of pipettes have many advanced features that make it ideal for these clinical and research settings. These features include:

  • Lower plunger pressure avoids repetitive strain injuries
  • Different color tops indicate pipette volume range of 0.1ul-10ml
  • 4-position window display can be viewed when used by left or right handers
  • Upgraded internal design and material changes to enhance performance
  • Autoclavable lower section for proper disinfection
  • High-elastic tip cone provides a good seal and easy removal of tips from many different manufacturers
  • Calibrated in accordance with ISO8655 and each pipette is supplied with an individual test certificate

Four E’s has one of the largest engineering departments in the laboratory equipment industry and continues to innovate in the areas of histology, liquid handling, molecular diagnostics, and general laboratory equipment. Recently Four E’s USA and Four E’s Scientific have expanded to increase customer support, manufacturing, and engineering capabilities. Four E’s USA is dedicated to supplying and supporting North America with high quality, advanced, and affordable laboratory and medical devices. For more information please visit or contact our customer service department at (855) 943-3344.