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Gradient PCR Optima 96 - PR122

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● Six independent temperature blocks with imported TEC modules provide precise Temperature control for PCR optimization.
● Excellent gradient temperature accuracy (±0.1°C ).
● Independent front and rear air inlet and outlet duct design, which allows instruments to be placed close to each other, saving laboratory space.
● Ultra large fin-type heat sink with intelligent fan speed control technology, providing low-noise heat dissipation.
● Segmented heating lid design adapts to all types of PCR tubes, strips, and well plates by automatically adjusting the lid height.
● Lid comes with an Intelligent auto-heating off function to reduce non-specific amplification by turning off the heat when the temperature of sample blocks is below 30°C.
● Faster Heating and cooling Rates (Maximum heating rate >5°C/s, maximum cooling rate >4°C/s).
● Provides excellent temperature uniformity; gradient layout reduces edge effect.
● Comes with a USB interface for easy program import & export; device software can be upgraded through USB.
● Comes with multiple accounts and access rights (Administrator, User Accounts, Visitor Accounts).
● High resolution, 7-inch LCD touchscreen panel for easy operation and monitoring.
● Touchdown (TD) PCR mode and Long Range PCR modes are available.
● Compatible with universal PCR tubes, PCR 8 strips, and 96-well plates.
Model SK420
Sample Capacity 96-well plates, 12x PCR 8 strips, 96x 0.2 ml well plates
PCR reaction volume 10-100 µl
Heating lid temperature 30-110°C
Max. block heating rate 5°C/s
Max. block cooling rate 4 °C/s
Sample temperature range 4°C-100°C
Temperature uniformity <0.5°C (20s after reaching 95°C )
Temperature accuracy ±0.1°C (35 °C - 99.9°C)
Technology(heating/cooling) Semiconductor
Peltier technology, 6 independent blocks
Display resolution 0.1°C
Maximum temperature
difference between blocks
25°C (max. 5°C between two adjacent blocks)
Difference between two adjacent blocks 0.1°C-5.0°C
Gradient temperature accuracy 9±0.1°C (35°C - 99.9°C)
Gradient temperature accuracy <0.5°C (20s after reaching 95°C)
Display 7" LCD touch screen
real-time display of PCR process
Max. number of steps No limit
Time increment/decrement 1-120s, for long Range PCR experiment
Temperature increment/decrement 0.1°C-10.0°C, for Touchdown PCR
Maximum number of cycles Unlimited

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